The Car Show portion of the event will be hosted by Rodney Strong and friends. Those interested in being part of the Car Show and not any of the racing classes will need to purchase a CAR SHOW ONLY ticket for $25. CAR SHOW ONLY Participants will have designated parking with space to setup displays if needed. 

The Car Show is for fun and to raise money for the CSPFF. All cars registered to race are also eligible for the car show. There will be 20 winners chosen through votes cast by event attendees and participants.  

The car show trophies will be in Honor of Robert Arneson. Robert passed away in the fall of 2018 and we miss him greatly.  He and his wife Jennifer Arneson are the parents of Baby Rodney, the namesake of Rodney Strong. Jennifer and Rodney Strong have been involved with the  Family Feud events since the planning of the first one in 2018.

For more information about Rodney Strong, check out the facebook page: