1.  What is "Family Feud 4"? Where and when is it? Is it Prepped or No Prep? 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile?

  •          If you're not sure what Family Feud 4 is all about you can read about it by clicking here... About FF4
  •         The event is being held at Pueblo Motorsports Park on September 11, 2021. This is the fourth year in a row. 
  •         The track will be prepped. 
  •         The Bracket Racing Classes and Index Classes are 1/4 mile races unless otherwise stated in the class rules. (Super Pro is 1/8 Mile)
  •          Big Tire, Small Tire, and Still Street are 1/8 mile races. There is a True Street 1/8 Mile class and a  True Street 1/4 Mile class. JDRL Classes are all 1/8 Mile. 
  •          Grudge Racing will be setup for 1/4 mile.

2.  What time do gates open?

  • Gates open at 7:00 AM. View complete raceday schedule by clicking here.... Schedule

3. Where can I buy tickets and/or register for a class?

4.  Is there a way for me to participate or contribute if I'm not going to race?

       If you want to make a donation to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation on the day of the event, there will be multiple locations where you can do so. Donations can also be made directly to the CSPFF at their website, You can also help by spreading the word and inviting  people to come out.

5. Can I register in multiple classes? 

  • The classes for Family Feud 4 are broken into the following categories:  JDRL, Bracket Racing Classes,    True Street - INDEX & NO INDEX, Heads Up (BIG TIRE/SMALL TIRE/ STREET 275). The same car/driver cannot enter into more than one class per category. The same car/driver can enter multiple classes as long as they are in different categories.  The same car/different driver can enter up to two classes in a category but it will be the drivers responsibility to make sure they are both ready when their class is running. Missing a round because the car was "cooling down" will be the fault of the driver, not the track and be considered a loss. 

6.  Do I need the $40 Tech Card for each class I am racing in if I am racing in more than one category?

        No way! If you are racing the same car in different categories, one tech card is all you need. You will however need to make the Buy-in/Donation for each class you enter. 

7.  If I don't want to race competitively at FF4 is there something for me?

        You bet! You can purchase a Grudge Racing/Time Only Tech Card for $65. That will give you the ability to race whoever you want, as much as you want, between classes ALL DAY! ***NOTE: The $65 for Time Only/Grudge  covers the cost of your tech card and donation. If you purchase the $65 TO/Grudge pass, you do not need to buy the $40 tech card  in addition to that. The $40 tech card is for those people racing in a competitive class.*** 

8.  If I race in a class and go out early, or it's a small class and finishes quickly, am I done for the day?

        Absolutely not! Everyone racing in a class is able to Grudge/Time Only for the rest of the day after their class is done or they fallout of it at NO additional cost.

9.  What time does tech start?

  • Tech open at 7:00 AM. View complete raceday schedule by clicking here.... Schedule

10. How many test hits will I get before elimination rounds start?

  • Each class will have a scheduled "Open Testing Time"  before their class starts going rounds. It is the racers responsibility to make sure they make their test passes in the time allotted.    

11.  How will races be paired?

     Each class will have a designated class manager that will be your point of contact. The class manager will hold a quick class meeting after test hits are done and pull chips to pair the first round of eliminations. All rounds will be paired by chip draw. Green chip is the right lane, Black chip is the left lane. 

12.  What happens if the class I'm in only has 2 or 3 cars entered?

            If there are less than 4 cars in any class, we will run a "Best of 3" format. ***Note: There are some classes that have a car count minimum  for the class to make. Check class rules for more info.***

13.  What happens if in the FINALS of a BRACKET CLASS or INDEX CLASS race both racers breakout?

  • The car that broke out the least will be the winner. 

14.  How will lane choice be decided?

           Lane choice will be determined by chip colors pulled during the Chip Draw. Green Chip gets RIGHT LANE, Black Chip gets LEFT LANE. 

15.  What type of tree are the classes running?

  • The Bracket Racing classes will be running on a .500 Sportsman Tree. 

16.  Water Burnout only or is sticky allowed?

             Water burnout only. 

Any questions we get that may be beneficial to add to this list we will add as they come.

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