We are going with the index settings that our friends in Albuquerque, NM use in their All Out Call Out races. We hope this will provide some practice for any Colorado racers that will be heading down to the AOCO on June 13, 2020 as well as introduce some of you that have never been. If you have not been to Albuquerque Dragway for an All Out Call Out race, you're missing out! 

**NOTE: The Index Classes indexes were set in January when the original date for FF3 was May 2, 2020 and AOCO was June 13, 2020. COVID-19 caused both events to be postponed. In August 2020 it was announced by the promoters of AOCO that the event would not be able to take place in 2020. FF3 will leave the indexes as they were set in January and encourage anyone racing in an index class to make the trip to Albuquerque when they are able to put All Out Call Out back on.**  

INDEX: 14.1 or Slower

INDEX: 12.8

INDEX: 11.5

INDEX: 10.2

OPEN - 10.2 or Faster

  • Tech Card: $35
  • Buy-in/Donation: $100
  • 1/4 Mile.. Heads up... .400 Pro Tree
  • Must not run faster than the E.T. of the index.... You’re out if you do!
  • Red light, you’re out... Cross the center line, you’re out.
  • Tires: No off-road/all-terrain/mud type tires. 
  • Must pass PMP Tech Inspection.
  • Pairings for each round will be done by chip drawn. GREEN CHIP = Right Lane, BLACK CHIP = LEFT LANE.
  • Clocks will be on... Times shown...
  • Payout 50/50 of total purse between WINNER/Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.