Rules and class info is listed below. Current Sponsors, sponsorship amounts, and the link to register are at the bottom of the page. Sponsorship contributions for all classes are added to the total of racer buy-in's and paid out 50% to the class WINNER and 50% goes to the event donation to the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.  

  • Tech Card: $40
  • Buy-in/Donation: $100
  • Total of class buy-in's and any class sponsorship will be split 50/50 between the class WINNER/CSPFF donation.
  • Winner & Runner-Up get trophy.
  • Must pass PMP's Tech Inspection. 
  • 1/8 Mile... Heads up... .400 Pro Tree
  • TIRE: Must be on a 28x10.5 Slick/Radial or a 275/60 Radial. Size on sidewall is what is used. Smaller is ok.
  • Car must start on own power from drivers seat. 
  • Factory appearing exterior.
  • Wheelbase within +/- 4" of factory wheel base.
  • Weight: Less than 415 cubic inch - 2600 lbs. Greater than 415 cubic inch - 2800 lbs.

Small Tire Class Sponsors

Ark Tactical - $500

9824 W Girton Dr

Lakewood, CO 80227