Stick Shift Class

Based on the ET times from the test hits, the Stick Shift class will be split into two separate classes. The faster class will be a heads up class and the slower class will have an index. The index will be determined in the Stick Shift's class racers meeting so BRING YOUR TIME SLIPS from your test hit with you to the meeting. The Index will be set by looking at the classes test pass slips to determine where the most fair split in the field of cars is. 

  • 1/4 mile
  • .400 Pro Tree
  • Times & MPH ON.
  • H pattern manual vehicles only. No sequential shifters.
  • Open to awd, fwd, and rwd manual vehicles.
  • Any tire, any suspension OK. (No off-road/all-terrain/mud type tires...)
  • Factory appearing exterior. 
  • No tube chassis cars. 
  • Factory wheelbase.
  • Factory glass except trucks with roll cage bars through the back window. 
  • No weight minimum. 
  • Must pass PMP Tech Inspection.
  • Red light, you're out... Cross the center-line, you're out... If you end up in the INDEX class and run faster than the Index, you're out.